Wells Fargo Economist, Mark Vitner, talks trends to NAIOP NEFL

On Thursday, May 19th NAIOP NEFL was very lucky to have Mark Vitner, Managing Director and Economist with Wells Fargo come speak to NAIOP NEFL for our quarterly luncheon meeting.  We had over 110 members and guest attend this meeting that was held at the Jacksonville Golf & Country Club.  Mark provided his view on trends and forecast within a powerpoint presentation.  He provided us with insight into economy, construction activity, unemployment rates, tourism, housing markets, commercial real estate market, interest rates and the 5 key things we should take away.  After this presentaton, Mark was joined by 2 colleges, Gary Orr, Eecutive vice president and group head for the Real Estate Specialty and Commercial Real Estate Services Groups within Wells Fargo’s Middle Market Banking Group and John Favret is a Senior Vice President with the Real Estate Specialty Group, which provides financial advice and expertise to Wells Fargo Commercial Banking clients and prospects who invest in commercial real estate. They had a panel discussion regarding several questions that moderator, Tony Suttles had prepared. A few of the topics discused were which presidentual candidate would have the most positive effect on our economy, how are the inflation numbers going to effect interest rates, and how the umemployment number effect the economy!