Navigating the New with Julie Benezet


Making Constant Change Work For You!

On Thursday, August 2nd NAIOP NEFL was honored to have Julie Benezet, former Amazon global real estate executive and author as our guest speaker. With nearly 115 members and guest in attendance at the Lexington Hotel and Conference Center Julie shared with us how the 21st Century changed all the rules. Its is a hyper-connected, instant information culture which has radically changed how we do business, even one as old as real estate.  Succeeding with today’s teams, customers, and competitors means facing rather than avoiding the discomfort of trying new things and learning how not to shoot yourself in the foot while doing so. Julie share her experiences of navigating the new in Amazon’s early days and her many years of work advising leaders and how she was able to get them to embrace the discomfort to succeed. At the end of the luncheon, Julie stayed to talk to members and guests as well as she gave away several copies of her book, The Journey of Not Knowing.