Lingerfelt CommonWealth Sponsors NAIOP Night at the Autobahn

NAIOP of Northeast Florida was lucky enough to have Lingerfelt CommonWealth generously invite all our members to attend a night out at the Autobahn track!  Lingerfelt CommonWealth would like to thank  those who attended the October  2nd event –  Dan Santinga and all at Lingerfelt CommonWealth were proud to host a fun afternoon at the track. They might just have to make this an annual event…

A special shout out to Kaycee Gardner, Julie Hargrove, Jayne McIntosh, Lisa McLatchey, Jennifer Ragsdale, and Fran Pepis for racing hard and proving it’s not just a man’s sport (Susan Roberts excluded – who committed to “next time”)

In case you missed the closing race, here are the results: Taylor, Chris and Jacob took home the victory hardware – congratulations!
21.253 – Taylor Calfee
21.298 – Chris Prinkston
21.363 – Jacob Horsley
21.428 – Charles Wegner
21.612 – Hank Duckworth
21.642 – Christian Harden
21.793 – Jesse Culbreth
21.815 – Joseph Lentz
21.147 – Tray Vause