Breakfast with Greg Lindsay

NAIOP was thrilled to welcome Greg Lindsay as our guest speaker at our Members Breakfast meeting on Tuesday, October 16th.  We had over 50 members registered to attend the delicious breakfast held at The River Club. Grey shared with us how old office parks are being repurposed, how housing construction/development has changed based on walkable markets and reconfiguring buildings is happening. Transportation and how we use it has changed greatly in the last 10 years. Car sharing, ride sharing, bike sharing, microtransit, electric shooters have all come into the market. Today’s state of the art transportation is our smartphone. Deliverable services/products are changing how and where we spend money and making some industries rethink how they do business. Cowork or Office sharing is making working in different cities easier and more flexible for businesses to do business. Locations are becoming more centrally located in the heart of other business so there are multiple advantages for a customer to stop in.  Greg’s overall presentation gave us so much to think about and what could be possible for us personally and for Jacksonville as a whole. He let us know that there are great things happening out there and Jacksonville should continue to take advantage of these innovations. We hope to have him back again soon!