Blount Island Tour showed NAIOP Members how prepared they are!

Submitted by: Jacob Horsley, Developing Leaders, Co-Chair

Twelve (12) NAIOP members got a private tour with MGySgt Allen R. Whiteside of the Blount Island Command Center which is operated by the US Marine Corps on Tuesday, June 11th. The base is used for a multitude of operations for military logistics and protecting our country. It is the HQ for the Marines Prepositioning Program which has twelve (12) container ships that sail around the globe. They carry enough ammo, tanks, hummers, amphibious vehicles, medical supplies, food, and construction equipment to provide a Marine Battalion (17,000 soldiers) with everything they would need to go war. It was an amazing site to see with the logistics, planning and preparation that goes into every mission and how every piece of gear is accountant for and staged on the container. I was very proud and thankful to have these guys on my side, fighting for my country and freedom.