2011 Bus Tour – NAIOP Northeast Florida

The 2011 NAIOP Northeast Florida Bus Tour was an outstanding event with a day of touring commercial real estate properties, networking, eating, drinking, and prizes galore! Some of the raffle items were an iPad, Kindle, TPC tickets, a state-of-art office chair and many gift cards.

We started off the day with breakfast at Midtown Centre Office Park, and then the office bus went downtown for several stops and the industrial bus headed to the Westside. Lunch was provided by Elad Properties at the AT&T Tower downtown for the office bus with live music and sounds of the tropics. The industrial bus had fish tacos sponsored by Patillo Industrial Real Estate at Northpoint Office Park which was perfect since the event was on Cinco de Mayo.

The day ended at Deerwood North Office Park where Flagler Development hosted a cocktail reception. By the way, did you see Henry Flagler working the crowd … he sure looked good for his age!

All who attended had a successful NAIOP Bus Tour that provided an opportunity to tour some of North Florida’s most desirable properties. Special thanks to Dave White, The Bus Tour Committee, Carmel Buchanan and all our sponsors for making this event possible!

Linda Daniels & Traci Jenks

NAIOP Northeast Florida Public Relations